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Dirt Work

Dirt Work Experts

When you’re looking for expert dirt work in Clifton / Waco, TX, you can always count on the team at Loftin Dirt Works LLC. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We are well-equipped and highly trained professional excavation professionals
  • We offer fast, effective service
  • Our prices are competitive

We’re also highly experienced with all types of excavation and land-clearing work. Since 2008, we’ve provided fast, effective service for thousands of projects ranging from cattle stock tank installation to gravel road design and building retaining walls. It’s easy to reach us to get a quote and schedule an appointment. All you need to do is call 254-640-1104.

Our Dirt Work Services in Clifton / Waco, TX

From filling spaces to reinforcing them, Loftin Dirt Works LLC offers a full range of services for dirt work in Clifton / Waco, TX. When we provide these services, you can expect us to get the job done right and finished on time and on budget. Our professionals are highly trained, licensed, insured, and bonded. Customer service and quality craftsmanship are our priorities. We never cut corners and we respect your property. We will not leave a mess behind upon completion of your project.

Fill Dirt

While we offer full-service dirt work, including grading, fill dirt is our specialty. Fill dirt is typically not fertile soil used for planting. Instead, it is a subsoil that is often taken from other sites like new construction projects and may contain materials like rocks or sand, which gives it greater stability.

It’s often used to fill holes or depressions, but it’s also used to engineer changes in grade or elevation. It’s essential for landscape design and might be used in projects like cattle tank installation to support local soils. You might also see fill dirt on highway shoulders and on construction sites to aid in creating level foundations. Fill dirt can help reduce issues with flooding.

Other Dirt Work Services

Dirt work is also valued for unique landscaping. You can build structures like ridges to break up level areas. Dirt can also be used to reinforce areas around pools and waterfalls.

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If you need dirt work in Clifton / Waco, TX, you need to look no further than Loftin Dirt Works LLC. We offer a full range of excavation and land-clearing services. Our team can easily be reached for a quote or to schedule a service appointment by calling 254-640-1104.